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Mada Promotes Mobile Apps for Persons with Disabilities at Mobile Learning Week 2017

Mada Promotes Mobile Apps for Persons with Disabilities at Mobile Learning Week 2017


​DOHA, QATAR, 2nd MARCH 2017: Qatar Assistive Technology Center (Mada) presented its initiatives towards promoting mobile applications for persons with disabilities during a workshop at Mobile Learning Week 2017. The presentation was part of the ALECSO Initiatives to promote inclusive education through mobile technologies and ICT for all alongside Dr. Mohamed Jemni[NL1]  and His Excellency Mohamed Anouar Maarouf, Minister of Communication Technologies and Digital Economy in Tunisia.

Around 100 individuals attended the workshop, the majority of whom had little knowledge about Assistive Technology, and were very supportive of Mada initiatives and the work that it is doing. The educational workshop gave attendees the opportunity to experience new ways of empowering persons with disabilities and changed their perspective on how assistive technology, when used properly, can enable people and increase their potential.

"Participating in this highly relevant event has enabled us to raise awareness amongst international participants about our work with assistive technology and our vision of helping persons with disabilities in Qatar reach their full potential through the use of information and communications technology," said Maha al Mansouri, CEO of Mada. "We received a very positive response to our presentation, which is a great encouragement for our team with regards to the work that we do in bridging the gap between persons with disabilities and their communities by enhancing their access to ICT ."

Co-organized by UNESCO and UNHCR Mobile Learning Week 2017 was held under the theme 'Education in Emergencies and Crises' from 20 to 24 March in Paris. The aim of the event was to expand international understanding of how new and affordable technology can be used to strengthen education overall, especially for refugees or those in conflict zones. The workshops were held as part of the event and enabled participants to take part in demonstrations of innovative mobile learning content, technology, research and projects.