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Mada is proud to partner with organizations, who share its vision of enabling PwDs to reach their full potential for a fruitful existence.

Some of our partnering organizations include:



Hamad Medical Corporation – This partnership enables HMC to offer a variety of specialized services across its departments. Individuals such as speech therapists and teachers receive specialist training and support from Mada experts which leads to a more successful patient care.

Shafallah Centre for Children with Special Needs – has signed a three year partnership agreement to promote assistive technology which includes adaptive and rehabilitative devices for people with disabilities. Through this partnership, Mada is able to assist Shafallah students find the right assistive technologies suited to their unique needs.  Mada and Shafallah are also conducting a building capacity program. Shafallah employees from various departments are undertaking a customized training program to enhance assessment capabilities of their student's needs when it comes to assistive technologies. The culmination of this program will result in Shafallah center's ability to offer assistive technology services directly to their students. The program commenced in October 2016 and will conclude in February 2018.

Qatar Foundation for Elderly People Care (EHSAN) – Through this partnership, Mada has offered two training activities to 80 elderly persons to educate them on smartphone usage. In addition to this, Mada conducted a full e-accessibility audit for the IHSAN website. Additional training programmes for the elderly will be conducted throughout 2017.


Qatar University
 – In order to facilitate educational opportunities for students with disabilities, Mada has set up an AT station on the university campus to ensure the provision of necessary technologies for the success of these students



National Human Rights Committee: 

The two parties corporate in the fields of exchange of information in the field of monitoring and analyzing international and local reports issued by governmental and non-governmental organizations on the equal accessibility of people with disabilities and with others in Qatar and cooperation and coordination in the field of community awareness through the launch of joint initiatives and information campaigns that contribute to the dissemination and promotion of awareness and culture of the rights of people with disabilities to equal accessibility with other. In addition to that, cooperation and coordination in the preparation of important national plans and programs to spread the culture of the rights of PWD and ways of integrating them into society. Also, contribute to the preparation of important proposals on legislative frameworks related to the rights of people with disabilities which relates to accessibility and contribute to the preparation of reports that illustrate the efforts of the Mada Center in promoting the rights of people with disabilities and the ways of integrating them into society. Including training and build availability of workers in the organizations in State institutions to promote awareness of rights of PWD to equal accessibility with others and training and educating Mada staff on international and regional conventions and local legislation related to the rights of PWD. As well as , cooperation and exchange of experiences to conduct studies and statistics which related to the cases of rights of PWD in accessibility field and the analysis of the external and internal environment, which helps to set goals, initiatives, projects and programs.




Sharjah city for humanitarian services :

This cooperation aims to support the use of supportive technologies by people with disabilities in the region through the implementation of joint activities and activities between the two parties through organizing programs to raise awareness and education in the field and training of specialized cadres and rehabilitation of workers in the field of supporting techniques. In addition to that, improving the level of services provided to users of supporting technologies including joint cooperation in scientific research field and development initiatives




Assistive Technology industry association:

ATIA and Mada agreed to perform the partner to develop a year-round professional development plan, with activities and materials for Assistive Technology for the open training program of the Mada Center and the partner to widen the range of online professional development resources for Assistive Technology to be made available in Arabic. Also, providing strategic partnership and organizational support for a second GREAT Conference in 2018 and provide a partner to provide support and leadership to develop internationally recognized certification programs for professional development activities.



Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America:

Areas of Cooperation include translation of ATP exam into the Arabic language, evaluation of translated version, and validation of beta exam through RESNA; in addition to that joint marketing and promotion of Arabic ATP credential and launching of beta exam in the Arabic language, with several Arabic candidates passing the exam and obtaining ATP certification



International Association of Accessibility Professionals  

International Association of Accessibility Professionals

In order to promote partnership with various organizations in the field of ICT access, Mada became a member of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) to integrate the standards of digital accessibility into its core services and to enhance its capacity building program. This membership will provide a platform for digital access specialists and researchers around the world to share experiences and enrich their knowledge.

The International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) is a not-for-profit membership-based organization for organizations that are focused on accessibility. The objective of this association is to help organizations integrate accessibility into their products and infrastructure. As of July 2016, IAAP became a division of the Global Initiative for Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies (G3ict).




Training and Educational Development Centre of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education:

400 students with disabilities receiving education through inclusion policies will receive direct benefit from the knowledge gained by AT Super Users in the direct assessment and 40 Super Users’ training and progression data will be collected electronically to monitor and analyze at any point throughout the program using Mada Online Portal, also candidates’ project portfolios will be housed electronically as a resource repository for Qatari educators. In addition to that, sing a project-based learning approach, the 40 Super Users will be independently delivering AT services and assessments to schools by the end of 2018. As well as, MADA coach and track each AT Super User’s proficiency in each of the modules provided using a recognized measurable competency matrix.