Mada Innovation Club

From one of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 of the United Nations Convention to take prosperity and reduce inequality, and from this point of view, Mada Center for Assistive Technology launched Mada Innovation Club, which is to encourage innovators with disabilities, people with functional limitations and the elderly who are enthusiastic about innovation and want to create, collaborate, and implement their ideas.

Vision: To provide a safe and inclusive innovation ecosystem for people with disabilities and the elderly to reach, explore, visualize and develop outcomes in Qatar and beyond.

Mission: Supporting the journey of innovators with all creative tools through specialized programs, and capacity building through training workshops.

Objectives of Mada Innovation Club:

  • Empowering persons with disabilities and the elderly to stimulate innovation.
  • Build the capacity of innovators with disabilities in innovation, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and robotics for their future success and future employment.
  • Support entrepreneurship and foster a dynamic innovation environment for members.

Mada Innovation Club Values:

  • Exploration: An opportunity to explore ideas and support the creative nature of people with disabilities and older adults.
  • Encouragement: Encourage and enhance the positive impact of innovation.
  • Collaboration: Collaboration from Mada’s team and experts in discussion groups to present ideas and help complete the innovation.
  • Empowerment: Confidence in a safe environment that enables motivation and productivity.

Going forward, we invite you to sponsor the world’s first innovator club for people with disabilities and the elderly in Qatar and the Arab world.

Mada club joiners :

Mada club joiners

Success Stories:

Dr. Hayat Khalil

Innovator: Dr. Hayat Khalil
Innovation :Talking Tasbeeh Counter for the Blind

The Talking Tasbeeh Counter for the Blind provides voiceover feature available in Arabic and English, which audibly informs users about the count have reached, and allows for resetting, and even includes a mute option.

Amal Al-Buainain

Innovator: Amal Al-Buainain
Innovation : Stories for the Deaf App

“Stories for the Deaf” is a pioneering application that uses augmented reality and avatar technology to translate Arabic children’s stories into Qatari sign language, making these tales accessible and engaging for the deaf community.