CEO's Message


Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) form an integral part of any society and have tremendous potential to contribute to the growth of the economy. At Mada, we strongly believe in creating an inclusive community - one that gives equal opportunities for everyone and preserves the rights of PwDs. This not only implies that PwDs function independently within their communities, but also that members of their communities are accepting and excited about their contributions.

Our focus is to bridge the gap between PwDs and their communities by enhancing their access to ICT – because technology has become a defining aspect of modern cultures around the world. By assessing accessibility and creating innovative accessible centers, we are assisting PwDs in their daily tasks and long-term goals with practical ICT solutions that permit their accomplishments to be limitless.

Mada's operational strategy based on the three pillars -- Education, Employment and Community -- has successfully helped PwDs experience the same standard of living available to all other communities in the State.

Our recent innovation program supports private businesses to expand assistive technology and accessibility services, at par with international best practices, in Qatar. The program also supports local and international innovators in the development of assistive technology products and services in Arabic language.

Since our inception in 2010, we have helped unlock the potential of many amazing people, some of who are working with us and are considered crucial to our daily operations and strategic planning processes. We believe that there are a lot of PwDs who can achieve tremendous results when guided by proper evaluation and direction. This empowers them to be successful members of the community who are not defined by the barriers they face.

Mada continues to invest in opportunities, research and development that will shape the future of PwDs in Qatar.

Maha Al Mansouri