Inclusive Digital Culture & Community Portal

Mada Center developed the Inclusive Culture and Community platform to be accessible for all and to support the culture and community sector by providing access to digital services. The initiative aims to empower people with functional limitations (people with disabilities and the elderly) by providing available digital services in an accessible way. The platform will be updated daily with all relevant information that is being collected by the specialized team in Mada Center along with its partners.

To add a service or content, please contact us via e-mail: or send a text, voice message or video message to WhatsApp Center 50494269.

Electronic Government Services http://GOVERNMENT%20SERVICES

This Section provides a range of important online government sources that are available.

Electronic Retail Services http://RETAIL

This section provides a range of various sources for buying and selling goods online as well as banking services

Electronic Health Services http://DIGITAL-E-HEALTH-SERVICES

This section provides a range of useful online health sources to look after your health.

Electronic Islamic Resources http://DIGITAL-RELIGIOUS-RESOURCES

This section provides a range of useful Islamic resources that are available online.

Electronic Media Sources http://ELECTRONIC%20MEDIA%20SOURCES

Descirption: This section provides a set of electronic media platforms from audio and video channels and news sources

Other Services http://OTHER-E-SERVICES

This section provides more useful electronic services