Inclusive Digital Education Portal

Mada Center developed this platform to be accessible to support distance education as an initiative aimed at enabling the education sector to ensure the inclusiveness of education for all students, especially those with disabilities or functional limitations. The available resources are displayed on Mada’s accessible educational platform to facilitate access to information for teachers and students on one platform designed to suit the needs of the current period. The platform will be updated daily by providing information collected by a dedicated team from Mada and its partners.

Educational Open Platforms http://Educational%20Open%20Source%20Platforms

This platform includes Open Educational Resources (OERs) that are in the public domain with an open license. The set of interactive online services provides the teachers, learners, parents and others involved in education with information, tools and resources to support and enhance educational delivery and management.

Educational Applications

This platform includes a variety of Apps developed for the purpose of teaching students with different abilities and backgrounds. They are classified into improving specific skills such as reading, writing, cognitive, Math etc

Accessible Educational Resources http://Accessible%20Education%20Resources

Resources designed and developed with the empowerment of Mada to meet the needs of students from a variety of background, functions, abilities and learning styles. They are excellent tools for Universal Design for Learning and Digital Inclusive education environment.

Other Educational Resources and Platforms http://Other%20Educational%20Resources%20and%20Platforms

Major providers for none-open source educational platforms. Platform for educators and all students; they make teaching and learning easier in terms of planning, assessments, implementation, communication, adoption and support. Platforms that can be used in class and remotely to improve learning process for all stages, abilities and background.

Accredited Digital Platforms

Mada Center certifies these Digital Platforms as a result of compliance with international digital accessibility standards The WCAG 2.1.