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Mada's community objective involves supporting 25% of PwDs to access the community with ease through the placement of ICT and AT technologies within the PwDs ecosystem that transform environments to be more responsive. It also aims to increase Qatar's e-Accessible score for more accessible environments​. 

To achieve the above, Mada seeks to:

  • Conduct AT awareness campaigns to change the way PwDs are perceived.

  • Provide e-Accessibility training to consultants and government entities.

  • Conduct capabilities building programs for medical sector specialists and other entities.

  • Promote successful best practices in using assitive technologies.

  • Publish best practices resources and communication guides to inform and heighten awareness.

Building on these goals, Mada's recent International Day of Persons with Disabilities campaign was undertaken to spread the message of enabling everyone's ambitions, access to success, and focus on ability.

Mada has also worked with government websites to represent the highest standards of e-Accesibility.​