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In education, lies the foundation for the social integration of PwDs into a normal life. One of the key objectives' for education is to support 80% of students with disabilities in Qatar, to access quality mainstream education by 2018 successfully.

To accelerate its educational scope, Mada seeks to:

  • Enable better physical learning environments.

  • Build IT capabilities within partner organizations.

  • Conduct assessments for PwDs, parents and professionals.

  • Conduct open training programmes to promote AT.

  • Assist students with AT school kits and advice on specific academic courses for students.

  • Provide training to Special Education Teachers to provide sufficient assistance for  PwDs.

Mada's association with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and the Ministry of La​bour and Social Affairs, has enabled it, to further its already significant presence, within the country's education sector.

Individuals with profound speech and language difficulties rely on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC Systems) to supplement or replace existing speech in order to effectively communicate with others. Speech-Language Therapists and Special Education Teachers in the gulf region, constantly face challenges in using appropriate symbols for AAC systems as they have to depend on westernized symbols which often tend to have different cultural and contextual representations when presented within the local Arab society.  In its quest to promote education, Mada created TAWASOL, a first of its kind Arabic-based AAC symbol set developed in Qatar. TAWASOL is focused towards Arabic spoken in Qatar and the modern standard Arabic MSA.​