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According to the Ministry of Development, Planning and Statistics, in the year 2010, there were only 163 Qataris with disabilities who were employed out of which 133 were men and the rest were women. Ma​da aims to reach a 25% increase in employable PwDs in the local workforce by the end of 2018.

To achieve this objective, Mada seeks to:

  • Conduct assessments to review capabilities and recommend appropriate ICT training programmes.

  • Assist in job placements for PwDs.

  • Mada seeks to set an example for encouraging  the empowerment in emplo​yment of PwDs

Mada is also in the midst of providing an advanced ICT AT employment training environment. This will help PwDs develop skills that are needed to succeed in real life work environments.

Mada's Creating Accessible Services to Support Entrepreneur PwDs report details the ways in which PwDs can take advantage of entrepreneurial environments. The report also looks at benefits that are brought about by working with entrepreneurs with disabilities on a wider economic and social level.​​