Strategic Focus and Approach

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According to the World Bank there are more than 1 billion persons with disabilities in the world. About 4% of Qatari households include a disabled member between the ages of 10 to 50. Many are unemployed because of prejudiced assumptions that a person with disabilities is unable to complete tasks that are commonly required in the workforce.

Mada has identified three key domains, namely Education, Employment and Community to continue to fulfil its mission of removing the barriers that restrict PwDs from participating in society. These three domains are assisted through advisory services and policy recommendations.

Mada's focus areas for executing domain strategy and ensuring strong performance are:

  • Direct Services deals with assessment, training and provision of Assistive Technology.

  • The Centre of Excellence conducts research, publish papers, articles and international best practices. The centre of excellence also encourages innovation of Arabic based AT.

  • Relationships and Partnerships aim to create an appropriate platform in which Mada can scale AT services and raise community awareness through strategic initiatives.

  • Advisory and Policy efforts work towards establishing and developing policies for e-accessibility and assistive technology within the PWD eco-system, and ensuring the implementation of world’s best practices in ICT to support persons with disabilities. 

Mada's efforts, including benchmarking, measurement and reporting progress on actions taken across the three domains is aimed at increasing region wide awareness of PwDs.​