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Mada Celebrates “Qatar Family Day” 2017Mada Celebrates “Qatar Family Day” 2017

Mada Celebrates “Qatar Family Day” 2017Mada Celebrates “Qatar Family Day” 2017


​DOHA, QATAR, 2nd APRIL 2017: As part of its commitment to highlighting the role of families in the life of Persons with Disabilities (PWD), Mada Assistive Technology Center celebrated "Qatar Family Day" last Thursday. All employees showed their support by wearing green, the official color of the occasion that occurs on April 15 every year and was launched by the "Wifaq", Qatar Family Consulting Center. Mada supports PWD and their families in Qatar by providing them with knowledge about the latest in Assistive Technology and ensures they stay connected to a world that depends on Information and Communication Technology.


Mada is dedicated to supporting PWD and their families, providing assistive technology and spreading awareness amongst the local community. The center also aims to help overcome all barriers that may stand between PWD and success, through assistive technology solutions that make PWD and their familie's lives' easier.


Maha Al Mansouri, CEO of Mada said, "Qatar Family Day is very important to us, and we are very proud to be a part of it this year, because strong families build a strong community. Family support is a crucial factor for PWD, it can really help them achieve success and reach their full potential. At Mada, we use assistive technology to help PWD overcome obstacles, and we know that families who take part in helping members with disabilities especially at a younger age, achieve more successful results."


Persons with disabilities form an integral part of our society and have tremendous potential to contribute to the growth of the economy. Mada was created to help this community by leveraging on the capabilities of information and communications technology.