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UX Design & Accessible UI Web Component

UX Design & Accessible UI Web Component


Mada Policy and Advisory team is pleased to announce a new project currently in development for the developer community in Qatar.

Mada eAccessibility has been providing consulting and training services in ICT accessibility for several years, as an added value to the consulting and training, a guide to user experience and accessible web component has been developed.

The purpose of the online project is to make additional resources available to web developer in Qatar with primary focus on website and IT accessibility.

UI Component and UX project consist of 2 parts:

  1. User Interface Web Component, or HTML Code Repository (Widgets) is a collection of the most accessible website plugins used by web developers, it will help them learn to deploy ready-made, commonly used widgets. The code repository is a collection of HTML, JQUERY and CSS, with working examples, source code and instructions for deployment.
  2. The User Experience Repository is a guide for making digital content accessible, categorized by various disability. Integrating accessibility into style guide facilities accessibility compliance by following established and shared best practices. It is helpful to recognize the importance of digital content strategy that make accessibility a strategic priority.


  1. Raising awareness of ICT Accessibility.
  2. Ease of accessibility deployment in applications and websites.
  3. Improve e-accessibility score for Qatar government websites.
  4. Enable PWDs to access different websites.
  5. Support developers and reduce cost in website development.
  6. Enhance web search engine by using best practices in web development.
  7. Build web developer capacities in web accessibility field.
  8. Building a special store for web developers to share accessibility codes.

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