e-Accessibility Services

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Mada helps people with learning, visual, hearing, and physical disabilities, including dyslexia, use digital platforms in the best ways possible. Mada also assists organizations by providing education and consultations about the latest e-Accessibility concepts and practices.

People access digital content in a variety of different ways. Mada's services reflect this changing landscape; Mada can assist in ensuring that a range of platforms and materials are available for PwDs. These include:

  • Websites

  • Mobile applications

  • Digital kiosks including ATM's

  • Electronic documents

  • Multimedia resources

  • eBooks

Across these formats and platforms, Mada offers a range of services to meet individual and organizational needs. These include:

1. Review

This first level of support offers a general automated usability review of content for selected pages on your website. Mada will provide an overview report and offer a customized half day consultation introducing key issues and recommendations to your team.

​2. Mada Accessibility and Usability Audit and Action Plan

This is a more comprehensive review of your materials, and includes a review of features performed by a consultant, a process that cannot be performed solely by software. It is based on international Accessibility Guidelines.

This can be enhanced with a Usability Assessment Report where PwDs will investigate your site and report back on any issues they find.
This may include the use of a range of assistive technologies (AT), such as
screen readers, screen magnifiers, refreshable braille displays, switches and interfaces, screen and tool enhancements, voice recognition software, and keyboards.

At the end of the audit, you will receive a detailed report of the issues to be addressed and a customized training would be offered to your organization.

This service is provided if the client commits to addressing the identified issues through an action plan that Mada can also help develop. (See Mada accreditation for further details).

3. Support and Training

Mada is also available to help develop action plans, offering:  

  • ​Consultations and support in implementing recommendations from the audit reports;

  • Accessibility training for individuals and teams;

  • Mada e-Accessibility workshops:

    1. Accessible Website Design and Usability (3 half days);

    2. Document Accessibility; Word, PDF and Forms (2 days);

4. Organizational Policy and Procedures

Mada can assist organizations in creating policy and procedures to ensure that all materials, such as a website are fully accessible. This approach embeds accessibility into the existing development, review and evaluation processes.​​

To request e-Accessibility services and guidance, please fill e-accessibility service request form