Electronic Kiosks / ATMs Accessibility Services

Electronic Kiosks / ATMs Accessibility Services

Electronic Kiosk and ATMs accessibility refers to the ease of use of information and services on Electronic kiosks and ATMs by people with disabilities and the elderly.

Services provided by Mada guide the organizations, step by step on how to ensure that their Electronic Kiosks comply with international standards for Accessibility; ADA and W3C WCAG 2.1, A and AA. Thus, ATMs and Electronic Kiosks would be usable by People with Disabilities and the elderly. In addition to improve their general usability.

Eligibility to Mada’s Electronic Kiosk and ATMs Accessibility Accreditation is granted to the organization upon successfully completing the manual usability assessment.

Service process:

  1. Introductory session about Electronic Kiosk and ATMs accessibility.
  2. On site audit review followed by a report highlighting major areas of concern and recommendations.
  3. ICT Accessibility training workshops by Mada.
  4. Manual usability assessment