Success Stories

Hamad’s Success Story

12-year-old Hamad was diagnosed with cerebral Palsy, a condition which limits his mobility. Simple tasks like studying, moving, and gaming with friends, were extremely challenging.

We at Mada offered Hamad a variety of Assistive technologies which facilitated his day-to-day tasks and made his dream of becoming the first Qatari boy to ever start a YouTube gaming channel possible.

Saoud ’s Success Story

Saoud is a young man who uses a wheelchair and has cerebral palsy. Saud has excellent interpersonal skills and has a genuine interest in helping others.

He joined the Access to Employment Program that we offered at Mada Center, as he was given a set of training courses in computer skills and English language. He is now working at Umm Salal Primary School.

Saoud uses a large Arabic keyboard and a mouse with a joystick to access the computer to perform his daily tasks with ease.

Success Story of Amal Al-Buainain

The Innovator Amal Al- Buainain innovated an application which is “Stories for the Deaf” it is a pioneering application that uses augmented reality and avatar technology to translate Arabic children’s stories into Qatari sign language, making these tales accessible and engaging for the deaf community.