Mada Innovation Program

The Mada Innovation Program is designed to encourage innovators to create Arabic solutions for Persons with Disability, thus increasing its availability within the region through a combination of grant programs.

Through a combination of entrepreneurship supporting streams, Mada aims to provide a mechanism to bring relevant innovative assistive technologies and accessibility products and services to the local market and beyond. This will enhance the lives of PWDs in Qatar and the Arab world.

The goal of the program is to encourage the establishment of a private sector AT market in Qatar catered to the Arab world and increase awareness of the AT field among innovators.

There are 4 supporting streams that fulfil the objectives of the Mada Innovation Program through offering funding, resource, endorsement and consultation opportunities. These streams can involve offering grants and consultation for entrepreneurs/innovators who have an existing solution that requires funding to be able to launch their product in the market or have a potential concept for a required AT and Accessibility solution.

The program also sponsors various international innovation competitions to integrate special tracks for participants to develop ICT AT and Accessibility solutions. In all these streams Mada offers subject-matter expertise as well as professional and end-user feedback to enhance and further improve solutions to best meet international standards.

The streams are the following:

  • Entrepreneurs Support
  • Localization & Grants
  • Competitions
  • Endorsement Program

The Endorsement Program is designed to provide a launchpad for international/local established entities who already have a ready-to-market ICT Accessibility and Assistive Technology solutions that require endorsement to access a broader market and specific institutions in Qatar and the Arab region. Mada Endorsement Program will facilitate the solution to stand out in the Market while increasing the credibility and impact through being recognized as a Mada partner.

Endorsement Program

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