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    Mada‭ – ‬Assistive Technology Center Qatar is a private institution for public benefit‭, ‬which was founded in 2010‭ ‬as an initiative that aims at promoting digital inclusion and building a technology-based community that meets the needs of persons with functional limitations‭ (‬PFLs‭) ‬–‭ ‬persons with disabilities‭ (‬PWDs‭) ‬and the elderly in Qatar‭. ‬Mada today is the world’s Center of Excellence in digital access in Arabic‭.‬

    Mada AT Portal

    The Mada Assistive Technology Portal offers people with disabilities, parents and professionals a wide range of information about Assistive Technology...

    Mada Innovation Program

    An operating model for enabling ICT AT and Accessibility research and innovation by customer identification, conducting innovation planning workshops...

    Digital Accessibility Services

    Mada provides digital accessibility consulting services and accreditation for digital platforms in accordance with international standards to support the...

    Mada Strategic Sectors


    Mada enables the education sector to ensure an inclusive education
    system at all levels and lifelong learning through ICT.


    Community and Culture

    Mada works to enable equal basis for PwDs and the elderly to take part in cultural life in line with the Arabic identity via ICT. The Center also supports the provision of opportunities for PwDs and the elderly to use their creative, artistic and intellectual potential independently.

    Community and Culture

    Member of