Accessible Customer Service

“Customer” refers to a person seeking or receiving a service Accessible Customer Service is providing service with the understanding that everyone may need a slightly different type of accommodation. For example, a person with a visual impairment may need to have information read aloud and someone who uses a wheelchair may need help finding an accessible route. Accessible customer service is good customer service — courteous, helpful and prompt.

Mada Accessible Customer Service would ensure the Mada ICT Accessibility experts plan, guide and executes the necessary enhancements to ensure accessibility compliance of the customer services according to international standards.

The accessible customer service package includes the following:

  1. Consultation Session
  2. Training Sessions
  3. Providing assistive technology devices


  • An introductory session on access to information and communication technology and the mechanism used to developed accessible customer service
  • Evaluating the customer service area in terms of the inclusiveness
  • Preparing a comprehensive report highlighting the gaps which needs enhancements if required
  • Training is provided to build the capacity of the employee in the organization to develop and maintain accessible customer service.

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