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  • Kahramaa Application

    The official application for Qatar General Electricity and Water Cooperation, that provides several e-services for the customers such as viewing and paying electricity and water bills, submitting meter readings, and sending suggestions or complaints to Kahramaa.

    Hukoomi Mobile Application

    Hukoomi is the official online information and e-services portal of the Government of Qatar. Hukoomi is your one-stop gateway to access all the online information and services you need to live, work or visit Qatar.

    Arsel Application

    Arsel is the Communications Regulatory Authority’s mobile app to empower telecom consumers in Qatar. The app was specifically developed by CRA as an additional tool for consumers to provide their complaints and inquiries about telecommunication services in Qatar directly to CRA. The data collected through the app will help CRA to work with the service providers to improve the quality of services in the country.

    Q Weather application

    Q Weather application is a Modern Weather Application that displays Current and Forecast weather condition of Qatar Cities and International Cities as well.

    GRSIA Application

    GRSIA mobile application includes list of services and features designed to support GRSIA customers (Contributor, Pensioner, Beneficiary, Agent and Publics) by allowing them to submit and follow-up their requests, and answering their pension calculation(s) enquiries.

    Qatar Post Application

    QatarPost application tracks ordered items through mobile application and renews PO Box. The application allows users to locate the areas of branches, and collection points, and smart lockers.

    Help Me – Application

    AMAN provide a free mobile application produced in-house, targeting children that were subject to violence. The user can report cases of violence and seek for help and advice.

    Women Advice – Consult Aman

    An electronic application for mobile phones and smart devices. It provides free consultations (social, psychological and legal) for women, in extreme confidentiality and secrecy. Through a dedicated team of specialized personnel. The team pays great attention to your message and guides you within the set working time frame. The application aims at educating and raising awareness about woman's rights. The consultation provided shall be noncommittal to any party.

    Civil Aviation Authority Application

    The application aims to provide ease and convenience to the different CAA customers through several services such as like Air Cargo, Travel agencies, companies, suppliers etc. In addition to the services provided, the application provides services to the flight passengers and country visitors, like: Airport Pass and Weather forecast.

    QNA News Application

    The Qatar News Agency (QNA) app lets users read the daily news bulletins produced by QNA, categorized into political, cultural, sports and financial news, and delivers daily multimedia news produced by QNA.