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  • Qatar Health Application

    The Ministry of Public Health, Hamad Medical Corporation, and Primary Health Care Corporation in state of Qatar have joined together and used their combined expertise and knowledge to develop information for this app, the information in this app is on common health issues that may be of particular interest during the year.

    “Meddy” application

    This app allows the user to easily find and book appointments with the doctor they wish to visit. The application provides comprehensive information on the doctor’s profile such as the location of the clinic, the languages they master, and reviews from previous patients. The user can book an appointment by filling out the appointment request, and once an appointment has been booked, the user will receive a call to confirm their appointment.

    Rimads Application

    The Rimads application allows users to easily access consultation with health and wellness experts and offers products from pharmacies and health stores, as well as consultation from pharmacists, dietitians online to help users.

    Health & Fitness Application

    The Fitness and Health Program mainly aims to measure the calories of the body and define the proper diet system needed , as well as the Nutrients required for the body per a day. The program also provides some tips on the importance of sport practice , period of sport practice for human body in order to remove the increase rate of calories.

    Weyak Application

    Weyak Application allows users to query about their health and receive online consultation from various doctors.

    10 Moons by Sidra Medicine Application 10

    10 Moons is an innovative mobile app which helps expecting mothers, particularly in State of Qatar, during their pregnancy period. The App provides expected mothers with week by week information, plan of care, nutrition, and other educational contents.

    “Step into health” by aspire zone application

    Step Into Health is a health application that encourages fitness activities through counting how many steps the user walks, as well as calculating the consumption of calories, water intake, and sleeping pattern.

    Namat Application by Aspire Zone

    Namat for a healthy life is an open national and regional public Health educational platform developed by Aspire Zone Foundation and managed by Aspetar – Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital. It is designed to focus on promoting physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle in communities.

    DoseOrganzier Lite Application

    Application that facilitates the process of taking medications by sending reminder alerts at different times through the phone.