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Mada Academy is the Mada premium training hub that aims at empowering people and institutions, and improving lives through engaging and inspiring training and capacity development for all.

Apply Mada Innovation Program

The Mada Innovation Program is designed to encourage innovators to create Arabic solutions for Persons with Disability, thus increasing its availability within the region through a combination of grant programs.

More About Mada Digital Accessibility Portal

The Mada Digital Accessibility portal is the first repository that provides a wide range of information and resources around ICT Accessibility, in Arabic and English, for web developers and content creators across various sectors, to ensure designing accessible digital platforms for all members of society, especially persons with disabilities.

Mada Strategic Sectors

Education Sector

Mada Center works to enhance digital education opportunities for persons with disabilities through information and communication technology.


Community Sector

Mada Center works to empower persons with disabilities to live independently and participate in society by advocating for digital accessibility policies, developing ICT accessibility solutions in Arabic, and capability building

Community and Culture

Employment Sector

Mada Center works to enhance employment, professional development and entrepreneurship opportunities for persons with disabilities by upgrading their capabilities in information and communication technology and enhancing their self-confidence


Member of

W3C: World Wide Web Consortium website home page

ITU: International Telecommunication Union website home page

G3ICT: The Global Initiative for Inclusive Information and Communications Technology website home page

United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia website home page

Assistive Technology Industry Association website home page

Arab Educational Training Center for Gulf States website home page

Sultanate of Oman, Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technology website home page

Arab Information and Communication Technologies Organization website home page

Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education website home page

Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence website home page

World Federation of the Deaf