Scheme Qatar

Scheme Qatar is a local group with a mission of putting an idea into effect. A list of many stores that deliver.


Foody is a Qatari based company that delivers food to you at the comfort of your own home. We feature a wide range of your favorite local and international cuisines.


An application specialized in food delivery with an easy and user-friendly experience

Qatar living classified

Application to find cars, motorbikes, apartments and villas for rent, shared accommodation, furniture, household items, jobs, mobile phones and a lot more.

Justclean Application

The laundry service provided through this application includes washing and drying, dry cleaning, folding, ironing and special cleaning (cleaning carpets, shoes, leather, and wedding dresses).

E-butler Application

E-butler allows the user to find trusted and reliable service providers for any service, covering every aspect of your life, including your home, car, health, beauty, lifestyle, pets, sports etc.

Syaanh Application

The Syaanh application offers services a variety of maintenance services in Qatar. It helps the users to find a suitable company based on the service and the location. The maintenance services includes: plumbing works, electrical services, painting and renovating houses, hospitality services, cleaning services etc.

Mzad Qatar Mobile Application

Useful for buying, selling and exchanging products and services available in Qatar.

QTamween Application

Qtamween is a leading online food & beverage store in Qatar, that offers finest quality products from all over the world.

Rafeeq Application (local)

Rafeeq is an online platform developed & customised in-house in the state of Qatar to cater the local logistic needs using state of art technology.