Mzad Qatar Mobile Application

Useful for buying, selling and exchanging products and services available in Qatar.

QTamween Application

Qtamween is a leading online food & beverage store in Qatar, that offers finest quality products from all over the world.

Rafeeq Application (local)

Rafeeq is an online platform developed & customised in-house in the state of Qatar to cater the local logistic needs using state of art technology.

Carriage Application

Carriage application is an online food ordering and delivery in the middle east. You can order food from more than 200 restaurants, as well as track your order. The variety of items that can be ordered from: Restaurants, Flowers, Groceries, Health Supplements, Cosmetics, and Electronics.

Talabat Application

The application Talabat offers three main services: food delivering service, grocery delivery service, and flowers delivery. As a user, you are able to order items, track orders, and pay online or cash on delivery.

Suncart Application (local)

The suncart application provides a wide range of grocery items in Doha. As a user, you choose the items, pin your location on the map, select payment method, and get groceries. You can select any convenient slot during the day for the checkout screen. Payment methods include Paypal and cash on delivery.

The Market Application

The Market is an online shopping platform that provides a same day delivery service of groceries and daily house needs. Categories include: Household items, Vegetables & Fruits, Snacks, Cooking Needs, Dairy and Eggs, Baby needs

Widam Application (local)

Widam Food is a shareholding company 95% Qatari shareholder. The Company is exclusively handling the government subsidization of Australian meat to Qatari market, and it also support the market by importing other type of meat on non-exclusive basis.

MAF Carrefour Online Shopping Application

The Carrefour application offers a grocery shopping experience using your mobile application to browse and select items and have them delivered to your doorsteps.

QFresh Application

The QFresh application offers fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and meat to be delivered.