Nafath Magazine Golden Issue

Mada Center Celebrates the Golden Edition of “Nafath” Periodical

Mada Center Celebrates the Golden Edition of “Nafath” Periodical

Assistive Technology Center “Mada” celebrates today the golden edition of “Nafath”, which coincides with the successful publication of the twentieth issue of this periodical. Based on its role as a strategic enabler in the field of ICT access, the Center launched Nafath in 2016 with the aim of promoting innovation, raising awareness of international practices and policies, and introducing specialists to the latest trends in digital access and assistive technology.

“Nafath” is a quarterly periodical issued by Mada Center in Arabic and English that aims to be the main source of information on the latest trends and innovations in the field of ICT access, artificial intelligence, and assistive technology developments. According to its role as a window for information across the world, the Nafath periodical highlights the pioneering work that has been done to meet the increasing demand for ICT access solutions and services in Qatar, the Arab region, and the world. Mada has registered an ISSN for “Nafath” and obtained a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for each of its articles with the aim of indexing scientific papers in internationally known academic search engines. All of Nafath’s editions are available in hard copies and digital copies on

Nafath presents specialized scientific articles on the latest data and information about the latest developments, research results, AT innovative solutions, digital access, the use of smart devices and applications in education, and theoretical and scientific knowledge. The articles also deal with innovation, artificial intelligence and its most advanced applications, and all the outcomes of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Experts from Mada, international academics, experts, and specialists contribute to writing these articles.

Mada provides researchers, academics, and specialists from around the world with the opportunity to contribute to the “Nafath” periodical by publishing their original research contributions and specialized scientific papers in the field of assistive technology and digital access, including theoretical, methodological, and experimental research of a technological nature. Those who wish to contribute to “Nafath” can send their papers through the website.