Super user Graduation

Mada holds a Graduation Ceremony for the AT Super Users

Mada holds a Graduation Ceremony for the AT Super Users

Mada has built capabilities for Assistive Technology professionals from stakeholders through the launch of the AT Super Users Program to support persons with disabilities. 

Mada’s efforts in this field are part of the Center’s commitment to its strategy of partnership with relevant stakeholders and the implementation of the scope of work agreement signed with Sidra Medicine, which aims to build the capacity of the Sidra Medicine staff in Assistive Technology and Access to ICT through training and the establishment of an assistive technology station to support Persons with disabilities. 

Mada center held a graduation ceremony for the participants of the Capacity Building Program for Super Users in Assistive Technology and ICT Accessibility, bringing the number of Super Users graduating from this program in various sectors to 74.  

Ms. Maha Al Mansouri, CEO of Mada, presented on the Mada Program for Super Users Capacity Building in ICT and Assistive Technology. 

 Mada Center is building the capabilities of our strategic partners through the Super Users intensive training program on the basics and use of assistive technology in support of people with disabilities and the elderly. 

Dr. Abdulla Al Kaabi, the Executive Vice Chief Medical Officer of Sidra Medicine said: “I salute Mada Center for its team which is dedicated to support children with disabilities. This partnership is important for us and for children who are eager to communicate with their families. We are waiting for the impact of what our specialists have learned in this program on children in Sidra.” 

Maha Al Mansouri, Dr. Abdullah Al Kaabi, and Dr. Emad Deeb, Director of the Learning Center at the QF recognized graduates from both sides and presented graduation certificates of the program. 

CEO of Madarecognized the first Super User from Qatar Rehabilitation Center at HMC to pass the ATP test.