A brief about sponsorship and Grant program

The number of persons with disabilities in the State of Qatar is 18,360 individuals according to the population census of the Statistics and Planning Authority for the year 2020. The total number of difficulties of various degrees is 33,748 because a single individual may suffer from more than one type of disability, which will enable them to support their independence in society. Challenges related to assistive technology and digital accessibility solutions Lack of access to assistive technology leads to a decrease in the level of independence and quality of life, and reduced opportunities for education, employment and participation for people with disabilities. Despite the progress that has been made in providing assistive technology devices and solutions, there are challenges in utilizing and obtaining them because they are too expensive or not designed to meet the individual needs of users in Arabic. Failure to keep pace with the opportunities of rapid technological developments in innovation to develop more effective solutions and programs and increase their number in the Qatari and global market at affordable prices.

Why should sponsors support us

There is an urgent need to meet and overcome the challenges, and with the financial support of the sponsor,
Mada will be able to lead the development of innovative and accessible technological solutions and ensure that everyone is included in all aspects of life.
Persons with disabilities will also have access to assistive technology devices, which in turn will contribute to enhancing their independence and enabling them to live their lives and play their role in society.
The sponsor will also be able to achieve his vision by supporting Mada’s programs and activities that aim to empower persons with disabilities and ensure their independence and full inclusion in all aspects of life to keep pace with the rapid development with technology to achieve the vision of the State of Qatar 2030, and in implementation of the obligations and provisions of international treaties on the rights of persons with disabilities.
Share the pride of past achievements and be part of our upcoming programs and initiatives to maintain Qatar’s leading role in digital accessibility, empowering persons with disabilities and supporting their independence through digital accessibility and assistive technology.
Let us partner to serve the nation and ensure sustainable, safe and inclusive cities and communities for all.