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About Mada Academy

Innovation and Excellence Forum to raise competencies in the field of ICT accessibility and assistive technology

Mada Academy is an initiative launched by Mada Center, concerned with training and capacity building with the aim of empowering all individuals and institutions, and improving the digital accessibility ecosystem by developing knowledge and professional competencies for all.

In accordance with Mada’s competency development framework, Mada Academy offers comprehensive training programs, activities, and content in various fields, including comprehensive digital education, with a focus on digital accessibility and assistive technology.

Mada Academy represents one of the tributaries of excellence for the Qatar Assistive Technology Center – Mada, in the field of training and capacity building to enable institutions and individuals, especially persons with disabilities, to access training opportunities, professional development, inclusive education and lifelong learning, and to improve employment competitiveness, by leveraging information and communication technology.

Mada Academy aims to contribute to the advancement of capabilities and advance open and inclusive digital education in the State of Qatar in cooperation with partners, by providing certified, technology-enhanced, and accessible training programs and services in the targeted fields and sectors.
Mada Academy provides innovative and inclusive training opportunities, especially in the fields of inclusive ICT, digital accessibility, assistive technology, and emerging technology that can be harnessed to enable persons with disabilities to participate and live independently. The Academy offers training materials using various training methods including:
In-person training led by a trainer at Mada Academy
Training via the Academy’s web-based platform led by an instructor.

  • Webinars or virtual training
  • Open and self-training via the Academy’s web-based platform
  • Blended Training “

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