Mada Innovation Program

What is Mada Innovation Program?

The Mada Innovation Program (Digital Accessibility Ecosystem) is designed to encourage innovators to find Arab solutions for persons with disabilities and the elderly and thus increase the availability of these solutions in the region through a set of grant pathways, as follows:

Mada Innovation Program Tracks

Through the four tracks of the Mada Innovation Program, and since its launch in 2017, we have worked to promote and guarantee the right of persons with disabilities to digital accessibility, and to ensure their right to live independently and participate in society. Thanks to our smart strategic partnerships in the fields of education, society and employment, people with disabilities are able to use technology efficiently, promote their inclusion and develop their entrepreneurship.

1. Entrepreneur Path

Through the “Entrepreneurs” track, Mada Center seeks to implement supported innovations in cooperation with strategic partners in the fields of education, society and employment.

The “Entrepreneurs” track allows the registration and documentation of Qatari success stories of innovators and persons with disabilities, whose lives have undergone transformation as a result of the outcomes of the Mada Innovation Program.

2. Endorsement path

After the startup develops the innovation, Mada certifies and approves it, and then issues a certificate proving that the innovation has been tried with people with disabilities and is effective.

The endorsement certificate from Mada Center contributes to increasing funding opportunities for the company, achieving profits that ensure its continuity, and providing innovation for persons with disabilities.

3. Direct Grants, Arabization

4. Localization Track

Winners of the competition track receive cash grants to develop their ideas and creativity, with a guarantee that they are provided to persons with disabilities for a minimum of three years.

The grants offered are divided into two types: the first is a direct grant to startups, and the second is a grant for localization and localization of solutions that have achieved success outside the country.

Sponsorship Objectives of Mada Innovation Program

  • Program Development

By investing in research and development of new assistive technology solutions covering various costs such as materials used, software and manpower.

  • Supporting Innovators

Providing grants and financial support to selected innovators to develop projects and prototypes and test them according to approved plans.

  • Mada Innovation Award 2024

Sponsoring the organization of the Mada Innovation Award event including the location of the event, logistics, media and prizes of the winners.

  • Impact monitoring and reporting

Provide resources for impact assessment, data collection, reporting, transparency, and effective measurement of program success.