Nafath Majlis

Nafath Majlis is a platform held throughout the year for exploring the cutting-edge of digital accessibility and assistive technology.

Each quarter, we invite fresh researchs and perspectives through a new call for papers, fostering a cycle of innovation and collaboration in these fields.

Nafath Majlis is dedicated to nurturing progress and sharing knowledge in the field of digital inclusion.”

Sponsorship opportunities for Nafath Workshop Participation

We understand the importance of sharing knowledge and fostering networks. To support this, we are pleased to offer travel and accommodation costs for one author per accepted paper to attend the workshop in Qatar. This will not only provide a platform for presenting your work but also serve as an Scientists, researchers, practitioners, and industry professionals are invited to submit original and unpublished papers. Submissions should present novel perspectives, empirical studies, theoretical insights, case studies, or best practices within the realm of assistive technologies and digital accessibility.

We invite the submission of papers exclusively in English or Arabic, which have to be formatted in accordance with Nafath template guidelines (For more details about the instructions, please visit the following link: ).

1st Edition

Mada Qatar Assistive Technology Center In cooperation with University of Doha for Science and Technology the sponsorship of 1st edition of Majlis Nafath that held in Doha, Qatar on February 22, 2024, under the theme:

“Interdisciplinary Synergies:
Pioneering Advances in Assistive Technologies and Digital Accessibility”.

This first edition seeks to highlight transformative research and innovation at the intersection of multiple disciplines, all aimed at advancing assistive technologies and digital accessibility.