Sponsor Mada Innovation Program

The Mada Innovation Program aims to support sustainable development and market innovative technology solutions that meet the ICT accessibility needs of persons with disabilities and the elderly in various sectors by involving them in the various stages of developing these solutions.

For more information about the Mada Innovation Program, please visit: www.mip.qa

As the Center of Excellence in digital access in Arabic in the world, we are proud of what we have done to make our beloved country Qatar rank among the most developed countries in this field, as the State of Qatar has ranked first worldwide in the Digital Access Rights Evaluation Index (DARE) 2020 issued by the Global Initiative for Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies (G3ict).

In order to maintain this great achievement, we are pleased to offer you an opportunity to play a distinguished role in this noble journey by sponsoring MIP projects that support the development of ICT solutions in Arabic for PWDs and the elderly in Qatar and the world. We are confident that your support will be the main pillar for promoting social responsibility and improving the lives of persons with disabilities and the elderly.

For more information about available sponsorship opportunities and promotional benefits for sponsors, please contact us at:  sponsorship@mada.org.qa