Mada Innovation Day

An annual forum held at the end of the year during which the winners of the Mada Innovation Award – the first of its kind in the world – are announced, in addition to highlighting the most important achievements of the Mada Innovation Program during the year. The event brings together technology makers, innovators, researchers and those interested in the accessible technology development sector. It is the most important event for specialists to learn about the latest trends in the field of innovation in digital accessibility, in addition to serving as a platform for meeting innovators and inspirers from Mada Innovation Club members with disabilities.

Mada Innovation Award

Mada Center has developed and launched the Mada Innovation Award, which is the first award of its kind globally that aims to support the development of innovative solutions that enhance accessibility for persons with disabilities and the elderly within the direct grant and Arabization tracks. The Center launched the Mada Award platform for innovation, which is the platform for advertising and opening registration for the award.
Innovations granted under Mada Innovation award Photo 1Innovations granted under Mada Innovation award Photo 2

Objectives of Mada Innovation Competition

  • Increase the total number of digital solutions in the accessible market.
  • Promote internationally accessible solutions.
  • Support innovators at various stages of the process of developing accessible solutions.
  • Investing in winning ideas to be part of Mada Innovation Program

Mada Innovation Award supports the development of innovative solutions in two tracks:

  • Direct Grants:

This track is designed to provide opportunities for new innovative entities that already have a “proven concept” of a product or service to establish themselves in the marketplace. Applicants who have been selected will be provided with a grant through the Mada Innovation Program to develop the proposed product or service to meet the needs of the local and Arab market.

  • Localization:

Localization is mainly conducted to support solutions in Arabic for people with disabilities. This track targets international entities that already have an existing product or service that supports digital ICT and assistive technology access that wish to translate their products into Arabic.

Going forward, we are pleased to provide you with the opportunity to participate by sponsoring and funding the Mada Innovation Award.

We are confident that your support will serve as a key pillar to promote social responsibility and improve the lives of persons with disabilities.

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